Training at the SAK YANT discovery of the Monastic lance.

  • Master Daam give respect

    For Long Term Training .

    Long-term training is defined on the map either more focused on the ancient Lanna or more on the technique of the monastic lance or on the drawings, a training of sakyant is long ... For example, despite his 16 years of experience and studies Master DAAM continues to participate in meetings on tradition and honors his various masters. You have classes six days a week, from 1 to 5 pm Rates are 500 euros per month That is a total of 1500 euros You have optional Thai language courses (highly recommended) 4 mornings a week from 10h to 12h for 150 euros per month which entitles you to a visa for one year if you decide to stay longer The accommodation is insured for 200 euros in a private studio with kitchen located at 2500 meters of samnak For the food the popular restaurant meal is a 1 or 2 euros For the sport there is a great gym in front of the accommodation for 50 euros per month At the end of the three months you receive a diploma certifying your aptitude with a certain number of Yantras that you will be able to tattoo. This essentially depends on your ability ...

  • Learning about monastic spear for 5 days

    .Everyone has heard of the bamboo tattoo, which consists in tying a string of needles to the end of a bamboo, but very few know what the monastic spear is, simply a metal rod cut like a pencil whose Tip is cracked like a pen of calligraphy. Its handling is extrememet delicate and we invite you to come to experience this tool that requires conscntration but also a refocusing of the consciousness it is a powerful tool of personal evolution Day discovery or a week of 5 days, to really go to the end of ... way ??? ... at the end of the first step ;-) As shown in the Photo you will be given a certificate of formation, signed by the hand of Master DAAM, with your name translated into LANNA Teaching is done from 1 pm to 5 pm, it will be rewarded with a series of photos and your diploma delivered by the master and published on his Facebook.

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