Information about  the  Tattoo  School  of  Master Daam


Master DAAM do tattoo sak yant  in chiang mai

The    meaning   of being  as an    Tattoo  master  Sakyant   of  Master Daam  
Master  Daam  has his own way to express doing tattoo  .
cause  after  studied  about tattoo  in  ancient way when  he was a monk  for  15 years  since he was young as a teenager till in September 2015.
It  up  his spiritual  to concluded  between  art  of   tattoo and belife  there  are diffirent  but he can do it  he opens  the door for commercial  with  opeb minded .     He  still  do  remains  the way of  his life  like a  monk .
For example do meditation   respect  regulation  of doing tattoo.
Then  do Sakyant tattoo  with respect to  another culture  in this world also .
So  when you do tattoo  with him  all ceremony  of spiritual  that link to Buddhism  will remain and must be follow  with good praying  ....


Master Daam has  high standard of  using monastic  which is Hygiene
This Tattoo institute invented by Mr Bernard Lompre . He brought  very  good technique  with  high  quality   of hygien,  he use the same standard like in Switzerland for  help Master Daam  work with good quality for using  lanche  and needle in doing  tattoo
But  still  keep using original    handle  like  a monk  for respect  the traditional  way of  doing  lanna  tattoo . 
For a person  who  is  curious and interest to  learnt about traditional  lanna  tattoo can maybe  study a the basic skill    for a short  course about  a week   or have more  advance  for learning how to make   real  tattoo  like original it  will take about  3 months.


Masrer Daam  do Sakyant safely

The magic of Talismans, these engraved yantra, a powerful magic.

Large yantra on metal by Master Daam
How  we can feel the magic of  these  talismants .?

         These talisman  basicly   came  from  belife  in Buddism .
About bring you success  wealth fortune or fertility into   your  life  .
So  normally  we have many   big  Statue  in Buddism  but we will  make it smaller  as a  lucky  amulet that always bring luck to you    look like  a  little lucky doll  ...
For a small  size of talisman  a person can always keep  in their  pocket  money or in a bag  when they take a journey or even can protect  them.
For  a very big size  talisman it  uses for  protect house or  places  .

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